Artillery Services.

rnrmc fieldgun Part way though the refurbishment process
5.5" Howitzer Colchester Barracks Complete new wheels and carriage

Not only do we specialise in the Automotive market but we restore heavy Artillery and carriages too.

In 1984 G.J.Garner & Son (what was then my late Father's business) first started repairing wheels for HMS Collingwood's "Brickwoods Trophy", a Naval Competition held once a year where 10 bases would battle it out on a flat track to see who could complete the challenge fastest. By the late 80's he was making wheels for the prestigious Royal Naval Command Field Gun which was held at Earls Court in London every year. Three years later he, and then myself, maintained and sourced all the equipment for Portsmouth, Devonport and Fleet Air Arm's Command crews up until it's final run home in 1999. The Brickwoods Trophy now called the RNRMC Field Gun is still run every year at HMS Collingwood in Hampshire. Since the late 80's the crews have doubled and with 22 guns and limbers being thrown around I am in demand now as much as my father was back then. 

Japanese Fieldgun 2 complete new wheels. (Romsey Mermorial Park Hampshire)
HMS Collingwood Crew running RNRMC Competition
Not only has Garners past and present maintained Brickwoods/RNRMC, Command, The Royal Horse Artillery (5 Years) and Naval Funeral gun carriages but in 2014 I became the Wheelwright and Maintainer for Wellington College Command Field Gun. Still using the full size track, walls and spars a crew of collage students manhandle a 3/4 scale gun and limber as per Command competition rules. The only group of people doing so in Britain!
Wellington fieldgun and limber 4 New wheels and complete new limber